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Mp3 Downloadable Music

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Some Basics on MP3 Downloadable Music

Some of the best things in life could be had for free. Netizens, in particular, enjoy the advantage of accessing tons of MP3 downloadable music oftentimes as freebies. There must be thousands of websites offering this type of service by now. Some have been put up by the recording artists themselves, many of them musicians or singers still trying to carve their name in the minds of music-loving fans. A great number of these sites are either owned by established artists or by their fans, through which a song diva or pop star could boost or maintain his or her popularity. In these sites, some songs, or at least portions of the pieces, could be offered as freebie downloads to help attract web traffic.

These sites, particularly those of established artists, would also be invariably linked to some online music shops that sell MP3 downloadable music either as digital albums or singles. These internet-based music sales outlets would be the more conventional way of acquiring digital musical recordings. The acquisition would be first of all legal, and there is a wide range of music genres to choose from, such as rock, jazz, R&B, classical, country, etc. Among the popular online music stores are eMusic, Amazon MP3 and iTunes Store.

Many songs purchased from these stores, however, cannot be duplicated because these are sometimes encoded with digital rights management. Another limitation that could be encountered aside from being unable to make additional copies is that the recordings purchased may only be playable on certain digital audio gadgets. Hence, in purchasing MP3 downloadable music, needless to say, it would be a prerequisite to have an MP3 player.

This disadvantage in buying musical recordings via online stores seems a minor sales deterrent. One estimate puts current annual sales of digital music at about $2 billion worldwide, accounting for around 10 percent of the total global music industry revenue. In one survey, it was estimated that more than 500 million digital musical recordings were sold online in 2006. These figures would balloon to 5 billion recordings if those music exchanged among various peer sites and forums catering to musical pieces are included, a great deal of which cover MP3 downloadable music.

There are certain legal grey areas that make these online peer-to-peer music exchanges possible and persistent despite the many lawsuits on internet song piracy. Freedom of speech and expression is one oft-cited defense by such sites as the popular Pirate Bay which is one huge source of torrents not only musical recordings but also software and movies, involving more than the issues on MP3 downloadable music. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has launched a campaign in 2003 against the illegal download of music from the internet. Now, according to the RIAA, it has been filing from 700 to 750 cases against illegal music downloads, a strong message against internet-based piracy of intellectual property that encompasses broader concerns than those involving music rights. For a legal alternative on MP3 downloadable music, follow the link below.

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